1-Minute Messages
   Emmaus Road Comeback
   Emmaus Road School Game
   Emmaus Fire Hydrant
   Emmaus Shape Sorter
   Measuring Up
   You Are What You Eat
   Crunching Commercial
   Sticks and Stones
   Three Dollars Worth of God
   Get In The Game


Full-Length Messages

   Beyond Thanksgiving
   Faithfullness - Part 5
   Faithfullness - Part 4
   Faithfullness - Part 3
   Faithfullness - Part 2
   Faithfullness - Part 1
   Comfort - Pass It On
   The Macedonian Call
   Things God Never Says
   Persecution & Evangelizing Samaria
   Justified By Faith
   Standing Up For What You Believe
   Outlandish Praying (Part 4)
   Outlandish Praying (Part 3)
   Outlandish Praying (Part 2)
   Outlandish Praying (Part 1)
   America's Godly Heritage
   The Cross
   Praying For Fathers
   Being A Voice (Part 2)
   Being A Voice (Part 1)
   Remembering and Thanksgiving
   A Mother's Song (Hannah's Song)